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 Athletes foR Action:

 Masculinity, Allyship and Sport

An International Qualitative Research Study

Examining the Bare Facts of Body Image and Allyship Among Male Athletes


The project is part of an ongoing working relationship with Sports Allies and Worldwide Roar. Collaborating between Leeds Beckett University and University of Calgary we are exploring various critical aspects of the Worldwide Roar.

Worldwide Roar is an innovative and immersive approach to promoting healthy masculinities and allyship in sport.

The research project looks at how Worldwide Roar participants and audiences understand masculinity, sexuality, allyship and body image and whether those understandings are challenged or developed by the Worldwide Roar project. 

We are running a number of qualitative studies involving fieldwork, interviews and focus groups with Worldwide Roar participants and audiences. 

We will be recruiting participants for these studies periodically.


Check the "Contact/ Take Part" section for more information on participation in live studies or if you have been directed here to take part.

The Project


About US

The study is jointly headed by Prof. Brendan Gough of Leeds Beckett University, UK and Dr. Michael Kehler, of University of Calgary, Canada. Gabriel Knott-Fayle is the research assistant on the project.

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We are recruiting

We want to speak to members of university men's sport teams, including athletes, coaches and staff. We will speak to you about WR content as well as body image and allyship in men's sports more broadly. Scan the QR code below for information and to access the online questionnaire and take part in an online interview.


Study: Athlete audience reactions

If you are a member of a university men's sports team, including athletes, coaches and staff, please follow this link or scan the QR code below

Got Questions?

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